How to Type Degree Symbol in Whatsapp & Facebook?

How to Type Degree Symbol in Whatsapp & Facebook?

Are you trying to type/insert/Make a “Degree Symbol” on Facebook, Whatsapp or Email? If yes, then this page will help you. You can find different methods here. 

Most of the Keyboards haven’t a direct symbol of Degree. But there are many methods that can help you to write a Degree Sign in on FB or Whatsapp. 

Let’s see how we can insert a (°) Degree Symbol easily. We can use Keyboard or Mouse to type/write/insert this symbol. 

We use our social media platform websites from our mobile or pc\laptop. So below I have told you how to type degree symbols from all different devices while using Fb, WhatsApp, or email.

Method 1 For PC/Laptop Windows User:

  • First, hold down the Alt key on the keyboard.
  • Then use a numeric keypad and type the 0176 
  • It’s Mean, type  Alt+0176 keys. 
  • Or Type Alt + 248 key from the keyboard.
  • After typing, you can easily see the degree symbol insert already. 

Method 2 For Macbook User:

  • Click your mouse cursor where you can insert a symbol.
  • Then type Option+Shift-8.

  • That’s it. Now Degree Symbol will appear.

Method 2 For Android Mobile User:

  • First click where you want to write (°) this symbol.
  • Then Open Andriod default/3rd party keyboard.
  • Now you can see a virtual keyboard for typing.


  • Press “?123” keys.
  • Then Click the “=\<” button in the bottom-left corner. 
  • After that, You can find the Degree Symbol.
  • Click on the symbol. That’s it.

Method 4 For iPhone (iOS) Mobile User:

  • You have to open the numerical keyboard first. 
  • For Degree Symbol type “123” Key. 
  • Then you can see 1 to 0 digits. 
  • And long Press on the “0” number Digit Key.
  • and you can see the Degree sign and Click on it. 

So I hope now you know about degree symbol type/write/insert for Facebook/Whatsapp/email post/messages. Please leave a comment and motivate us.