How To Type Degree Symbol in Powerpoint PPT? 

How To Type Degree Symbol in Powerpoint PPT

You can type a degree symbol in your MS Powerpoint PPT file/document Slides with your keyboard. But you have to follow some methods Like- Keyboard Codes, With PowerPoint Menu options, or Mouse methods. We simplify all methods here just read and put Degree Symbol on your Microsoft PowerPoint 365, Powerpoint 2007/09/10/13/16/19/21 etc. 

Powerpoint is a famous software for presentation slides. This software is used by millions of students and professionals for work.

If you are facing a problem to insert a Degree symbol on PowerPoint Slides then read the article below. You will find some method for inserting a Degree sign. 

Using Keyboard Codes Shortcut

If you want to insert a Degree symbol with your Keyboard then follow this Keyboard Codes Shortcuts. 

Step 1: Place the mouse cursor or select the slides where you want to Insert Degree symbol.

Step 2: Then type “ALT+0176” Alt codes and release these buttons.

Step 4: After pressing Alt Code Work Done. You can see the Degree Symbol on PPT Slide.

This method is for Windows users. You always remember one thing: these methods only work when you have the 1 to 0 numeric key on your keyboards. And always check number key its off or on. 

Methods for Mac User:

Step 1: Select PPT Slide where you want to Insert Degree symbol. 

Step 2: Just press “option+Shift+8” Key.

Using Copy-Paste Methods:

You can insert the Degree symbol Just one click copy. You have to visit our Home page and click on the “COPY” button and paste whatever place you want to make the Degree symbol on ppt. 

 I like this method. Because I always connect my System with the internet. And visit our website home page and copy the symbol and paste it. 


Using Powerpoint Symbol Menu Method

  1. First Select and click any place in ppt file or placeholder where you want to insert the degree Sign.
  2. Click the Insert tab in the Ribbon.
  3. In the Symbols group, click Symbol(Ω). A drop-down window menu Pop Up.
  4. Click More Symbols. A dialog box appears on screen.
  5. Type Degree Symbol on the search box.
  6. Select Degree Symbol from Various signs.
  7. Click the degree symbol.
  8. Click Insert.
  9. Click Close.

I hope now you can easily write a Degree symbol on any PowerPoint PPT. If you face any problems please let us know. I hope you like these methods and now you are able to write/type/insert Degree Symbol on MS PowerPoint. Please let us know if you are facing any problem to write a Degree symbol. We are here to help you.